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Forbes Family History Group Inc

Central West, New South Wales, Australia




This is one of the two sites for the Forbes Family History Group.  The other Notebook site has the more up-to-date information about the group, as well as all resources held by the Group.

It also has snippets from the local newspaper, the "Forbes Advocate" from ten, thirty and fifty years ago.  The Honour Rolls for war service by Forbes men, located in Victoria Park and the R.S.L. are also there.

The Forbes Family History Group Inc was founded in March 1986. A meeting to form the group was held at the Jemalong Retirement Village on 26th March, 1986.

The Forbes Family History Group has adopted the platypus as part of its logo. The platypus lives in lakes and streams of eastern Australia and Tasmania. The platypus has a broad, flat, rubbery snout, a squat body with short splayed legs, webbed feet and a flat beaver like tail. The platypus is an egg laying mammal who suckles its young. In times past the Platypus was found in the Lachlan River below Forbes. The locality was known by the Aborigines as Jemalong meaning, Platypus. The Jemalong Shire used the Platypus as part of its logo and it was then incorporated into the Forbes Shire logo, which now takes in the Jemalong shire area.

[P.S. The Forbes Shire now uses the Forbes Town Hall as its logo.]

[P.P. S. The Shire now uses a different logo again, this one of unknown significance or origin.]





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Forbes Family History Group Inc     
P.O. Box 574 
FORBES. NSW. 2871 Australia.

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